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Deadlocked cover photo Deadlocked by Dawn

murder in paradise...
Genre: interracial romantic suspense
Release Date: 27 February 2021

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Paradise in the Florida Keys...

After 2020, Delia Sloane struggles to keep Rainbow Falls Resort afloat while grieving the loss of her father and husband. She refuses to let her Key Largo slice of paradise--a haven for non-mainstream couples--die. But when a serial killer begins attacking her guests--leaving a single dreadlock on each victim--everything spins out of control, including what's left of her family.

Hides a killer...

After her brother's experience with police brutality, the last place she wants to turn to for help is law enforcement. Scarred mentally by a deadly-force incident, Detective Will Peterson has avoided homicide cases. But only he has the skills to drill into the elusive killer's twisted mind.

And it just got personal...

When a hurricane strikes, exposing the horrible truth behind Delia's losses and threatening everything she holds dear, trusting Will may be her only hope. Are they up to the challenge?

Deadlocked by Dawn - Reviews

Totally Addicted to Reading - 3.5 stars

"Overall, I found Deadlocked by Dawn to be an interesting tale of obsession and revenge."

Full Review

Deadlocked by Dawn - Excerpt
Copyright © Afton Locke, 2021 - All Rights Reserved

She ran a hand over her own hair. "You think I killed Mandy Gaines. Why would I murder one of my own guests?"

"People do all kinds of things for all kinds of reasons. The Key Largo P.D. can't rule out anything until it's disproved by evidence."

"The Key Largo P.D. doesn't know its butt from a hole in the ground, if you ask me. The killer is somewhere out there," she said, pointing to the door. "Not in here."

"I'm on your side, okay? Your brother resisted arrest, and I was just doing my job. If I can't do my job, I can't protect you or your guests."

"You're welcome to have a piece of my hair, Detective, if it'll help the case and my brother."

His breath stumbled through his throat when she released her hair clip. "Thank you."

They both stood, and she pointed to the graceful curve of her neck. "Can you cut it from under here, so it won't show?"

"Sorry. I'm afraid I have to take some strands from different areas."

He leaned over the desk, captured by her apple-spice scent. It reminded him of warmth, comfort, and living in a real home. When his hand brushed across her cheek, her eyes closed. He hadn't caressed a woman's face since...Amy.

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