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HISTORICAL - Romance/Women's Fiction
  Go to Thelma's Song page
Oyster Harbor Series (Book 5)
**releases 19 Nov 2022**
  Thelma's Song
historical (1930s) romance

Go to Plucking the Pearl page
Oyster Harbor Series (Book 1)
**Chapter 1 FREE!**
Go to Rose page
Oyster Harbor Series (Book 2)
Go to Sadie's Surrender page
Oyster Harbor Series (Book 3)
Plucking the Pearl
historical (1930s) romance

Rose Exposed
historical (1930s) romance

Sadie's Surrender
historical (1930s) romance

Go to Cali's Hurricane page
Oyster Harbor Series (Book 4)
Go to Drunk on Men page
boxed set (8 volumes)
Go to Mission of Pleasure page
Daughters of Africa (Book 1)
Cali's Hurricane
historical (1930s) romance
Drunk on Men
historical (1920s) romance
Mission of Pleasure
historical Victorian romance

Go to Deadlocked page
murder in paradise
Go to Follow Me page Go to Find Me page
sequel to Follow Me
Deadlocked by Dawn
romantic suspense

Follow Me
historical (1969) romance

Find Me
contemporary romance

Go to Jamaican Temptation page   Go to Jamaican Vibration page
sequel to Jamaican Temptation
Jamaican Temptation
contemporary romance

  Jamaican Vibration
contemporary menage romance

Go to Deeper Than Perfect page   Go to Siren page
Wiccan Haus Series
Deeper Than Perfect
time-travel romance

  Turning the Tide: A Siren's Revenge
paranormal (mermaid shifter) romance

Go to Hidden Moon page
Can Shelley tame Alan's beast?
Go to Rebel's Claw page
Revenge never tasted sweeter
Go to Alpha in Disguise page
Unleash the alpha!
Hidden Moon
paranormal (werewolf shifter) romance
Rebel's Claw
paranormal (werewolf shifter) romance
Alpha in Disguise
paranormal (werewolf shifter) romance

ANTHOLOGIES - out of print
Crossroads - USA Today bestseller

Crossroads banner

Tall, Dark & Alpha - USA Today bestseller:
Tall, Dark & Alpha banner

Last Updated: 22 October 2022
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